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Women Who Make a Difference (Australia)

Provide training opportunities specifically for women to take on leadership roles or awareness raising about women in leadership.  Includes lobbying projects.

Each year this club, SI Eastern Districts of Adelaide, presents awards to “Women who make a Difference” according to the following criteria:

  • Make a difference to South Australia and the Global Community
  • Collaborate with others
  • Provide leadership and mentoring
  • Work in professional or voluntary capacities

Many women are reluctant to be singled out for awards so by making the event relaxed and informal the women are more comfortable with the recognition. They were also asked to describe their experiences and motivation.

Each year the club holds a morning tea at a local Art Gallery called Pepper Street.  Club members nominate women who they think deserve the award and the ladies are invited to attend the morning tea and tour the gallery. Prospective Soroptimist members are also invited to attend. After a brief talk about our club and Soroptimist International the ladies are presented with a certificate acknowledging their work and they speak to the group about their projects.

The club acknowledged the fact that many women who work professionally and voluntarily in the community often are not recognised or rewarded for their efforts.  The club wanted to commend their efforts, share their stories and link into possible projects in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. The women are a little reluctant at first to be selected for the award but realise it is a good way to spread the message about the projects they are involved in.

Club: SI Eastern Districts of Adelaide, PFR: 26437


  • Women leaders do not have to be CEOs or politicians.  They can be women who make a difference in any community around the world.  Recognising this fact will show just how amazing women leaders are.
  • Taking into account that many of these women leaders are also humble and perhaps even embarrassed to be singled out, the club found a way to reward them without making it uncomfortable.
  • And hey, why not?  Inviting prospective members to the event shows just what Soroptimist International is all about.


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