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Water for St. Mary Mutito Girls’ School (Germany/Kenya)

Ensure a girl-friendly physical learning environment, such as proper sanitation facilities, water in schools, safe transport to and from school, provision of school supplies, provision of school meals, libraries, etc.
New water tanks at St Mary Mutito school, Kenya

New water tanks at St Mary Mutito school, Kenya

Thanks to this project, about 400 girls of the Mutito Girls’ Secondary School in Kenya will have increased access to clean water. Rain-water will be collected in tanks so the girls don’t have walk 7 kilometres to fetch water from during the dry season. The girls will have more time for their work at school and it will improve their results.

The SI Taunus club has been supporting girls’ schools since 2008 with great success. In recent years the club financed, in close cooperation with the charity BASE, water tanks with a total volume of 100,000 litres of drinking water, scholarships for 30  girls and a school garden where the students can grow fruits and vegetables for their own consumption.

The success is already evident: three of the students are now studying at the Universities of Nairobi and another began vocational training.

Club: SI Taunus, PFR: 24556


  • Again, Soroptimists have long been passionate for increasing access to safe, clean water for women and girls. We know just how much of a barrier physical environments can be to educational attainment. Overcoming this barrier by purchasing tanks for rain water harvesting is a proven way to have a lasting impact on many young women.
  • Rain-water harvesting also underscores the importance of sustainable solutions to access to clean water.
  • This project is another fantastic example of partnerships and learning between clubs in the Global North and clubs in the Global South. Soroptimist International prides itself on being built on a foundation of partnerships and linkages across the globe.

*This was our International Programme Directors’ winning project. They say:

This project provides access to one of life’s necessities to women and girls – safe, clean water. By eliminating the need to walk 7 kilometres to fetch water during the dry season, the girls have more time for education.The partnership between Germany and Kenya in this project, demonstrates the impact of being part of an international organization can have in the world”.


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