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Wakimbizi Supports Ariet (Australia)

Scholarships and funding for those most in need for primary, secondary, and tertiary schooling

These Soroptimists funded the education and living expenses for Ariet, a Sudanese refugee living in Nairobi. After Ariet completes her education, she will return to her community to work within her community on development projects. This will be a significant leadership role for Ariet and her community.

Club: SI Cambridge, W.A., PFR: 26922


  • Sometimes a truly global approach is needed to have the most impact – in this case, Australian Soroptimists supporting a Sudanese refugee living in Kenya. Think outside the box!
  • With programmes such as this one, the positive cyclical effect has incredible potential – paying it forward as this beneficiary will do, reinvesting in her own community.
  • Education and leadership go hand in hand – in this case we really do see how “Educate to Lead” can work in practice.

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