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The Educational Fund of the Union of Norway (Norway)

Scholarships and funding for those most in need for primary, secondary, and tertiary schooling

The Education Fund of Norway aims to support girls’ and women’s education through scholarships. The Soroptimists supporting the fund recognise that education empowers women and provides a platform for future leadership.

The overall need for education in countries with limited opportunities for girls and women is the reason why this project was started.

The board invites clubs belonging to the European Union in countries that are listed on the Development Assistance Committee list to promote the scholarship opportunity in their communities. The board has a major job identifying the right candidates and calculating the amount of money that is available for distribution. Then each applicant club receives a list of scholarships granted, and the money is transferred. All clubs in the Norwegian Union participate in fund raising, and the board arranges an annual lottery.

My name is Joy Naliaka China. I am twenty four years old currently in my final year pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing at the University Of Nairobi. I am the first born in a family of two siblings with my younger brother, Evans Soita China, twenty two years, old, pursuing a Degree in Law at Catholic University. I come from Western Kenya, Bungoma North District a village called Makunga but currently staying with my paternal uncle in Kakamega town. I am an orphan. My father passed on in 1999 and mother in 2001.We have been staying with our relatives since then. We could not get a home of our own, as we were young when they passed away and we had to stay with relatives.

It was very tough for us when everyone started fighting to get a portion of my parent’s assets, most of which have been shared among our uncles. I started staying with my uncle in 2007 after I ran away from my maternal aunt who was mistreating me and I had opted to go and leave in the streets. Life was so hard and lucky enough my uncle came and I started living with him and his family, and they have been supportive to me. My brother does not have a permanent home like me and he lives with relatives when not in school.

I started my undergraduate degree in 2008 with my father’s pension money paying for my fees as well as through fundraising but my third year was tough and I almost deferred but I managed to raise hundred thousand from friends who gave me loans and I have been working to pay the debt. I hope to pursue my career to the ultimate level possible if God gives me the opportunity and I kindly ask of you to help me achieve my goals and in addition, be part of your club. I believe God has a good reason for everything and I want to use this chance to be a blessing to someone else. I am extremely humbled for your help. God sent you to touch my life and I do not take it for granted. God bless you all. You have touched my life.

The fund has raised over $35,000 in total.

Club: SI Gjovik , PFR: 27553


  • Joining clubs across a union, country, or region can have huge financial benefits – the joint fund in this case is able to collective raise more funds than any one club could do individually.
  • Stories matter! Case studies such as Joy’s make fundraising come alive and show exactly what can be achieved with financial assistance.
  • Using an official list to target areas most in need can help to direct funds – in a world where so many are in need a little direction from an official source can be most beneficial.


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