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Sponsored female Teacher Aid Fiji

A request came from Save the Children Fiji to assist their Pre-School Teacher Aids in paying for their Teacher Registration with the Ministry of Education. These Teacher Aides are from the disadvantaged communities which have all been affected by the two floods at the beginning of the year.

The club decided to assist a female Teacher Aid from the Matawalu center since this center had closed due to the unavailability of Teachers. Currently there are 26 students enrolled at the center. Teacher Registration is now essential for all Teachers required by the Ministry of Education. Mrs. Tinai has the requirement to register as a pre-school teacher but she did not have the funds to register so SI Lautoka assisted her with $72 (the total amount required for the registration.)

They have provided Mrs. Tinai with the necessary funds and will also follow up with her registration. This registration will also enable her to be eligible to enroll for higher education in the teaching field and earn a better living for herself and her family.

According to the club,

this is our opportunity to empower her, provide her with sustainable opportunities for her employment. The benefit is two fold since the Teacher has a personal benefit which in turns benefits the needy children in the community.”

Mrs. Tinai shares:

I was unable to complete my tertiary education after High School due to some personal and social reasons and this is a blessing for me. I will now be able to help not only myself but the young children of our community as well.”

Club: SI Lautoka, PFR: 26900



  • Funding female teachers not only helps girls receive the education they need, but also allows women to obtain work within their own communities, further advancing their own career prospects, allowing them to provide for their families, and developing their own community.
  • Adult second chance programmes are at the heart of SI’s work. Those who missed out at any stage of education should be encouraged to obtain further education and training.
  • Female teachers often provide girls and their parents with greater security, especially in countries where gender crime is more prevalent.



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