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Empowering Girls in Sports (Fiji)

SI Sigatoka is trying to develop the skills in young girls which will help in nation building. They are encouraging young girls to participate in extra-curricular activities. These young girls may be the future leaders of the country. The club donated Sports Uniforms for girls, empowering and motivating them in a positive and leadership-building activity. […]

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Crews, Cliques & Catfights (New Zealand)

The prevalence of violence among young girls in their community needed to be acknowledged, and solutions found to combat it. Club members planned that the welfare, health and education sector-groups would be able to empower and inform their colleagues, and that parents and caregivers attending would be able to network with each other afterwards and […]

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Girls Moving Forward (India)

Formal education in India sometimes does not provide practical knowledge or prepare you with life skills. These workshops fill in the gaps in their education, and we also answer several questions that they sometimes cannot ask their mothers . In most cases those who participated are first generation learners. We know that these workshops have […]

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Teen Programs Across the US

Because You’re Special Suicide, alcohol and drug use and eating disorders are increasing among teenage girls. Alcohol and drug use make girls more susceptible to sexual abuse. These issues are associated with low self-esteem among teen girls. SI Cameron Park/El Dorado Hills used a grant from the Federation to produce a series of skits for […]

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SI Rio Negro members with New Times participants

New Times, SI Rio Negro, Brazil

The members of SI Rio Negro, Brazil, provided housekeeping skills training to domestic violence survivors through their club project New Times. Such programmes are particularly important for domestic violence survivors as they allow participants to achieve economic freedom and independence. The club purchased classroom supplies, cleaning equipment and supplies and cooking materials. Club members developed […]

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Men and Boys: Half of the solution

“unless we make a difference to boys, we won’t have the opportunity to influence their lives” One point that comes out over and over again in any prevention programme evaluation is that men and boys must be involved. Primary prevention programmes which focus solely on women and girls are rarely successful in the long term, […]

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Empower to protect

“we know our rights and that makes the men less powerful” Empowering women and girls, while it may not directly address VAWG, can have a protective effect and can certainly be useful in rehabilitation and support programmes. Empowerment programmes are essential to creating meaningful, lasting change whereby women are given control and choice, the freedom […]

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Educate to prevent

we need to be telling young women in communities about what they need to do when they become aware of relationships that involve domestic violence and that it is an individual responsibility for us to get involved and help the victims out”. Education at individual, community, and societal levels is the single best primary prevention […]

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