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Soroptimists against trading people (Lithuania)

Awareness raising in the community on issues affecting women and girls, including VAWG, trafficking, women’s health, HIV/AIDS, fair trade, etc.

The club organised lectures for girls and women about the trading of people all over the world.  The lectures took place at schools and in women’s prisons.  Brochures and leaflets about the global issue were created and distributed.  They shared information about the project with the local press, local television, and the general public.

Because of the fact that many women are sold or suffer from violence and brutality, the Soroptimists ran this project to help women to feel safer and know where to ask for help when you are in danger.

Club: SI Panevezys,  PFR: 26953


  • Soroptimists are passionate about human trafficking, an issue that affects millions of women and girls around the world.  The best way to address this horrific pandemic is by raising awareness and undertaking first line prevention.
  • Research consistently shows certain groups of women and girls are more at risk than others.  By targeting schools and women’s prisons, this project will reach those most likely to be trafficked.
  • Engaging with local press and TV will ensure that the message reaches a broad audience which is a key aspect of prevention and awareness raising.  The more that the general public knows and understands about trafficking, the more they can help to combat it.


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