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SEW&G – Soroptimist Educating Women & Girls (USA)

Provide training opportunities specifically for women to take on leadership roles or awareness raising about women in leadership.  Includes lobbying projects.

This club shares “we believe education is the building block to an enriched life. It also perpetuates a domino effect to the extended family. Progress and strength is determined by one’s education and life experiences. We try to build women and girls’ confidence by mentoring and educating.  As Soroptimists, we lead workshops in: job resumes, writing skills, women’s health issues, family traditions, crafts, personality traits, etiquette, stress relief, goals.”

This project sought to build confidence by women supporting women and young girls. To do so the members taught eye opening education to build confidence, and to instil courage to want to become a part of the ‘real’ world. Once a month workshops were led by Soroptimist members, to encourage women to be leaders and to be confident. Participants are given presentations, journals, Soroptimist logo pencils, Thought for the Evening Soroptimist Bookmark, Stress Balls, Rubber Bracelets w/words: Hope, Strength, Faith, Love or Courage, as well as items that deal with the workshop topic (i.e. Stress relief bags; book of poems; toiletries, etc.)

Clubs: SI Ceres, PFR: 24333


  • Leadership in and of itself is a skill, and gearing non-formal education to this end will have a lasting impact on the participants.  Leaders need development and nurturing!
  • Confidence is the key for many women overcoming personal barriers.  As a specific goal of this project, the Soroptimists are specifically aiming to increase confidence in the participants.
  • Small take-homes (such as a rubber bracelet with the words hope, faith, strength, love, or courage) will ensure that the lessons learned during the sessions will not be forgotten and will stay with the participants long after the project finishes.


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