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Scholarships for Higher Education for Girls (India)

Scholarships and funding for those most in need for primary, secondary, and tertiary schooling

This club has been motivating about half a dozen young girls from severely depressed families to consider continuing to tertiary education after secondary. It was most encouraging to see that when the School Board Examination results from their secondary education were announced, these girls had fared very well. The academic success also built up their confidence and self-esteem, and they have applied and been accepted to women’s universities. When they complete university, the club also plans to help them transition into work.

In order to get the funds for these 6 girls to complete university, year by year, each of the members raised awareness about their work in the community in order to raise funds. Other institutions have responded and allocated from their budgets substantial amounts for college fees, books, and miscellaneous expenses for the girls. As this is an on-going project, every year the same if not more effort has to go in to keep the funds flowing.

According to the club,

the SI Goal, Focus, and Thrust on Educate, Empower, and Enable will be met in the long run. It will spread like a ripple effect not only to their immediate family members but also the community where they live.”

Club: SI Madurai, PFR: 28421


  • Transitions are key moments for women and girls – moving from primary to secondary to tertiary education and eventually into work. Financial assistance targeted at these transition points and beyond will address a significant need.
  • Community awareness and buy-in in the form of fundraising speaks to SI’s third “E” – enable opportunities. Whole communities need to be involved in ensuring that women and girls are educated – not only to ensure long-term success but to address societal gender inequalities and patriarchal attitudes.
  • Ensuring “buy-in” from the recipients themselves is also critical to the long term success of the scholarship programme. By working with the young women and motivating them to achieve success on their exams, which in turn gave them the skills and confidence to pursue higher education.

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