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SAME Women (UK/Pakistan)

Awareness raising in the community on issues affecting women and girls, including VAWG, trafficking, women’s health, HIV/AIDS, fair trade, etc.

This International Women’s Day event gave opportunities to the mothers of Soroptimist And Mothers from Eastwood (‘SAME’) women to assist in planning the event, to fill hostess roles of introducing guests and giving votes of thank, to speak in public, and to assess the outcome and value of the event.

The project set out to develop the self-esteem and confidence in the mothers, to bring the mothers into contact with other groups in the community, and to develop community cohesion and understanding.

Guests from Polish, Ukrainian, Bangladeshi, Italian communities and local women’s groups came together for a celebration of International Women’s Day.  Two Bangladeshi women spoke of overcoming barriers and the important role of mothers. The programme also included songs, dance, and supper served by the mothers.  There were also opportunities to network and make new friends.  During the evening the mothers took a collection for a local hospice which raised £300 ($450).

Clubs: SI Keighley, SI Karachi, PFR: 24414


  • Raising awareness about in the community about the importance of women and their roles in society is a keystone of Soroptimism.  Taking opportunities such as International Women’s Day is a great way to tap into a global event at local level and involve the whole community.
  • Soroptimist International is a global organisation – and this event showed just how global one single community can be.  Crossing cultural and socio-economic divides builds amazing bridges.
  • Awareness raising events can also provide a useful site for non-formal education, in this case event planning and public speaking skills.


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