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Revive Social Net (Brazil)

Roll out ‘second chance’ programmes providing basic education for women (i.e. literacy and numeracy skills), including classes for women in prison or in shelters.

A high number of jobs in Canoas are part-time, temporary and informal jobs. It is particularly difficult for young women to attain work. As a result, they are susceptible to sexual exploitation, drug use, sex trafficking and unwanted pregnancy.

To address these issues, SI Canoas provided at-risk women with the opportunity to attend a certification course training them to work as administrative assistants. Funds were used to purchase classroom furniture, including desks, chairs, cabinets and a multimedia projector. Club members oversaw the course, served as instructors and secured corporate partnerships for the project.

Survey results indicated that participants felt increased self-esteem and empowered to attain employment to increase their family income. Participants indicated that contributing to the increase of family income made them feel more secure, valued and listened to by their families.

Club: SI Canoas, PFR: 30565


  • Enabling opportunities through employment is a primary driver for improving women’s lives and status in the community.  This is widely being recognised at the UN as a global priority.
  • This type of project is perfect for securing corporate sponsorships as this club did.  There are often certain aspects of projects that will appeal to corporate sponsors- it’s always worth being creative and putting the asks out there.
  • Evaluating self-reported increases in self-esteem is a great way to measure success.  It’s important to see if the training does lead to employment, but improved self-esteem is another equally important barometer of success.


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