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Mondial campaign for education in Africa & Asia (Belgium)

Raise awareness specifically about the importance of education for women and girls

The aim of this campaign was to partner with like-minded organisations to raise awareness about the importance of education for women and girls, specifically in Africa and Asia.

The SI club actively participated in the organising of the campaign and the conference, knowing that coordinated campaigning from a coalition of organisations would be more powerful, effective, and far-reaching than any one partner could do on their own. They held a conference between different organizations on the subject of education in resource-poor countries in support of the the ‘World Campaign for Education’ which took place in April 2012.

The Soroptimists sent information letters to all Soroptimist clubs in their region and helped with the preparation & organisation of all relevant activities.

Club: SI Val Brabant Waterloo, PFR: 24863


  • Partnering with like-minded organisations with similar goals and objectives makes awareness raising campaigns much more effective.
  • Having a focussed event like a conference as a cornerstone of your campaign gives partners a platform for sharing information and best practice. It also raises the visibility of the campaign and offers excellent media opportunities.
  • Involving other Soroptimist clubs in your region or union is a great way to broaden the reach of an awareness raising campaign and immediately have a large audience.

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