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Microcredit to support women entrepreneurs (Burkina Faso/France)

Ensure that women are equipped with the vocational skills and tools necessary to secure stable employment (particularly in the fields of health, education, and agriculture, also including appropriate clothing and microfinance)

Microcredit project Burkino Faso

For some time now, this club has been holding local fundraising events, providing opportunities for French women artists, to support a microcredit scheme for women in Burkina Faso.  Recipients have started businesses, including needlework and sheep farming. For example, the microcredit allows the women to buy lambs, which they raise and sell to the adulthood. The product of the sale allows them to pay off their credit, to buy another lamb and to meet the needs of the family. The refund of the credit benefits the other women.

Club: SI Bethune, PFR: 26087, 25253


  • Microcredit can be challenging to “get right”.  This club has taken the time to carefully plan and execute the loan programme so that women receive funds that will help them to start a viable business, providing income for themselves and their families while paying back into the account to benefit other women.
  • This club has also capitalised on the opportunity to benefit local women with their fundraisers whilst raising the profile of SI.
  • This project not only benefits the women themselves, but also provides a secure income for their family as many are single mothers.  As we all know, stable employment is a major barrier to women’s equality.

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