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Meadows Depot – Chair Renovation (USA)

Ensure that women are equipped with the vocational skills and tools necessary to secure stable employment (particularly in the fields of health, education, and agriculture, also including appropriate clothing and microfinance).

Chair renovation team with President Alice Wells

The club used this project to train the women at Meadows Depot (a woman’s drug recovery facility) to refurbish old worn out chairs.  They addressed the needs of the women to have comfortable and attractive furnishing in their common area, while training the women in a useful skill. 12 club members participated in two workshops.  The club purchased supplies including fabric, stuffing, primer and paint. The club members worked with Meadow’s Depot residence to repaint and recover 1 dozen chairs in the common area on their residence.

Club: SI Lodi Sunrise, PFR: 23468


  • Stigma is rife against women who have a history of drug and alcohol abuse.  These women often experience multiple forms of discrimination and are marginalised from society.  Working with and valuing these women can have a truly transformative effect on their lives.
  • Renovating chairs was a very interesting and multi-faceted subject.  Not only did the women gain important marketable skills, but they were also able to improve their living environment with something they could feel proud of.
  • This project would not have cost much – the materials to refurbish the chairs are quite minimal – it’s amazing what can be achieved with little financial input!

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