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Kizuna Scholarships (Japan)

Scholarships and funding for those most in need for primary, secondary, and tertiary schooling

This club decided to give a grant of 20,000 a month to a girl who transferred from Fukushima, to a school that the club has supported in the past. They have committed to provide this support until her graduation.

The project was held as part of Maebashi Club’s 35th anniversary memorial project. It was a highly significant event to commemorate the occasion.

Club: SI Maebashi  PFR: 24077


  • Members interviewed the schoolgirl and parent three times before disbursing the first instalment of her financial support. This kind of hands-on engagement when giving financial support can significantly enhance the project.
  • Using a club milestone, such as an anniversary, creates an immediate buzz and member engagement for the project. What better way to celebrate than by forwarding SI’s mission to transform the lives of women and girls?
  • This SoroptiTip comes up in every report, but it bears repeating – committing to financially support this young woman through to graduation is absolutely key to success. Financial support must have a component of sustainability to ensure that the recipient can truly benefit.

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