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‘Just the Job’ – Educate , Empower and Enable women to gain employment (UK)

Ensure that women are equipped with the vocational skills and tools necessary to secure stable employment (particularly in the fields of health, education, and agriculture, also including appropriate clothing and microfinance)
"Just the Job" workshop for young unemployed women led by Soroptimist Dorothy Bowker

“Just the Job” workshop led by Soroptimist Dorothy Bowker

The overarching goal of this project is to assist unemployed women age 23+ to have the skills and confidence to apply for work.   ‘Just the Job’ educates, empowers and enables women to successfully apply for employment in an area of high unemployment.  The members hold bi-monthly workshops with sessions which include interview techniques, job application advice, and preparation of CVs. Workshops also include sessions with a qualified beauty therapist and image consultant.  Following on from the workshop sessions any woman successful in gaining an interview/employment will be able to select and keep an outfit to attend the interview.

The workshops were facilitated by experts in the subject of job application, interview techniques, beauty and image experts. Each facilitator prepared and presented their own session plan appropriate to the subject covered.

Really good session, gets you thinking about prep for interviews. Colour me was very interesting”

If it is a confidence booster, then why not?”

Club: SI Leigh & District, PFR: 27234


  • Another great example of using the SI skills and confidence framework!  This kind of on the ground project experience proves that the model works.
  • This project made preparation for job interviews exciting and interesting by adding the fashion and beauty components – which of course are fun but also critical in interview situations.
  • The members also incentivised positive outcomes by allowing successful job applicants to keep one of the outfits to wear to the interview.  This ensures that the participants are given all the tools they may need to secure employment, rather than encouraging them to apply for jobs but not providing a complete package of support.


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