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Irrigation for Mhani Gingi Food Gardens (South Africa)

Ensure that women are equipped with the vocational skills and tools necessary to secure stable employment (particularly in the fields of health, education, and agriculture, also including appropriate clothing and microfinance)

At these food gardens the women are taught how to plant, fertilise, care for the vegetables and sell them. Mhani Gingi, which is run by a fellow Soroptimist, facilitates workshops for women in Marketing and Sales as well. They are taught how to run their own small business.

Two of the food gardens needed functional irrigation systems to ensure that the vegetable would thrive in an optimal environment.  The club donated funds for these gardens to be irrigated.

Club: SI Cape of Good Hope, PFR: 23741


  • As SI has stated in many advocacy platforms, women are the primary producers and purchasers of food and must have the necessary resources to fulfil those roles.  This project goes to the heart of this statement.
  • This project shows Soroptimist collaboration at its best – a club supporting a woman-centred project run out of a Soroptimist-run business.
  • It is always good practice to add in business skills training, in this case marketing and sales, to skills based training.  

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