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Build up to CSW57

November 2012

  • SI wrote and submitted its official written statement on gender violence.
  • A pre-advocacy toolkit was designed and sent to our Federations and clubs so that lobbying could take place in the run up to the event.

January – February 2013

  • News articles, blog posts, and posts on social media on gender violence were promoted.
  • Campaign Enough is Enough is launched and materials were designed for use at the CSW
  • Two Side Events were organised and co-organised by SI to run parallel to the CSW 57.
  • Flyers were prepared to promote the side events, and an advert crafted for the official CSW handbook.
  • In New York, SI’s lead UN Representative Lois Beilin attended CSW briefings held by Ambassador Kamara of Liberia, and a large meeting held by UN Women on preventing and eliminating violence against women. Other NY representatives for SI attended NGO CSW committee meetings, and conveyed messages to SIHQ so that we could best prepare for the event.
  • Lobby letters were sent to all Permanent Missions to the UN in New York which urged them to include specific recommendations at the session on:

-         prioritising education and empowerment programmes, not just for victims/perpetrators but for all men, women and children as accountable members of society;

-          ensuring that violence against women and girls is not labelled as ‘private’ and out of the hands of the State/and or community;

-          advocating both a top down approach and a bottom up approach to tackling gender violence.

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