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Soroptimist Global Voice

International Ass't Programme Director Anusha delivers an oral statement on femicide at CSW57

Standing up for women and girls:

36 meetings

10 oral interventions

3 written statements

SI works with international networks and partners, such as the UN and its agencies, the Commonwealth, the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID), the World Association of Girls Guides and Girl Scouts, and the World YWCA, to ensure that the real needs of women and girls are represented in global policy and agenda-setting.

We use our far-reaching network of Soroptimists covering the globe to formulate policy recommendations and campaigns to transform the lives of women and girls for the better.

Our General Consultative Status with the UN gives SI the privilege and the responsibility to speak on behalf of Soroptimists and the communities they serve.

At bottom, SI’s advocacy is built on this principle: development simply is not possible without including those affected by the decisions in the decisions.

Influencing international law and policy

Bringing women’s voices to the UN

Strengthening SI’s Global Network


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