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Global Impact

SI Rio Negro members with New Times participantsIn 127 countries and over 3,000 communities worldwide, the global Soroptimist movement has positively impacted the lives of millions of women and girls.  Read all about this impact, how it was achieved, and the success stories behind it all.

It’s not just numbers

Every number reported in this section represents a real woman or girl, a project that a club put their heart and soul into, a dollar that meant that someone gave to another person – these aren’t just numbers, they are inspirations!


lives improved

3,727 Soroptimist projects improved the lives of women and girls by increasing access to education and leadership opportunities around the world by educating, empowering and enabling opportunities.

Soroptimist Global Action.

$182,000 (USD)

raised for women’s shelters

248 refuge support projects were reported, with over 10,000 known beneficiaries.  Soroptimists have an incredible impact supporting local shelters, many which have recently experienced devastating funding cuts.

Global Action: Trends.


multi-national projects

Over 400 projects crossed geographic boundaries to improve the lives of women and girls in need.  SI is built on a foundation of sharing across political and cultural boundaries to serve those most in need.

Global Action: Where?



heard SI’s policy recommendations to improve the lives of women and girls at the UN. SI worked with international networks and partners to ensure that the real needs of women and girls were represented.

Influencing international law and policy.



of women and girls were represented.  Our General Consultative Status with the UN gives SI the privilege and the responsibility to speak on behalf of Soroptimists and the communities they serve.

Bringing women’s voices to the UN.



of SI work recognised by UN Women’s New York City Chapter.  SI used our far-reaching network of members of the global movement to strengthen the impact of the voices of women and girls worldwide.

Strengthening SI’s Global Network.

Map showing all countries with a Soroptimist clubVisit the Country Reports page to find out about SI in your part of the world, or check the index for project case studies.

Map of SI countries. The colour shows which Federation the country belongs to. SI of the Americas, red; SI Great Britain and Ireland, blue; SI Europe, yellow, SI South West Pacific, green.

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