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Glacytramujuas Cooking School (Brazil)

Ensure that women are equipped with the vocational skills and tools necessary to secure stable employment (particularly in the fields of health, education, and agriculture, also including appropriate clothing and microfinance).

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This project set out to address the lack of job opportunities available to marginalized women of the Campo Comprido district, who are susceptible to trafficking, drug use and unwanted pregnancy as a result of their poor economic situation.

SI Curitiba Gloria created a semi-professional kitchen and classroom to train at-risk girls and women for employment. Funds were used to purchase building materials and for labor costs. Club members provided participants with professional cooking attire and facilitated classes on hygiene, etiquette, family planning and violence against women.

They hoped to (1) increase job skills and standard of living for women of the Campo Comprido district, (2) decrease the incidence of drug use and prostitution among women participants, and (3) increase women’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

The club measured the first and second objective by assessing the number of students that finished the course, attained stable work in bakeries, restaurants or as private family cooks, and are now able to provide for essential necessities for their families. The third objective was measured by a survey and through documented participant success stories. 15 girls and 5 women participated in course. Many participants are now employed as kitchen helpers, maids and in janitorial services.

Club: SI Curitiba Gloria, PFR: 30564


  • Lack of stable employment opportunities for women is being cited as one of the major barriers to achieving gender equality and the MDGs for women. Addressing a global problem on a local level is core to the vision and purpose of SI.
  • Using the forum for job training to also raise awareness on issues around violence against women and family planning will equip these women with tools not only to secure employment but also to improve other areas of their lives.
  • The project planners used both quantitative and qualitative measures to evaluate success – a great way to not only see how the activities affected participants but also to collect stories and personal experiences.

*This was one of our International Directors’ Picks: They say:

“This project was creative in finding a solution to give women and girls with no job opportunities and no skills a new positive direction in life.  The training led to job placement while both ultimately led to confidence and self esteem.This project clearly showcased: Education and Empowerment”.


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