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Girls School in Southern Sudan (USA)

Ensure a girl-friendly physical learning environment, such as proper sanitation facilities, water in schools, safe transport to and from school, provision of school supplies, provision of school meals, libaries, etc.

Soroptimists in the US decided to help orphan girls in Southern Sudan attain a basic education. To do so, they supported a local foundation that opened the School for Orphan Girls in Duk Payuel, Republic of Southern Sudan. The goal of the foundation is to educate girls that can return to their homes as young professional women to transform their communities.

The school opened in March of 2012 with 15 students. Construction is underway for another small dormitory for 8 more students. In addition assistance is provided to two additional villages to allow girls to continue/start school locally.

Two of the girls in Duk were recently selected to present a poem to the Jonglei state governor at a celebration for the opening of new facilities in the community. This was a tremendous honor and shows that the community is taking notice.

The club is particularly helping by fundraising to finish phase one of building a home for 50 orphan girls.

Club: SI Moorhead, PFR: 28862, 25096


  • We cannot underscore how important safe housing is for women and girls pursuing an education – as this report shows, schools are one of the main sites of incidents of violence against women and girls. Providing safe and secure housing can help reduce exposure to risk.
  • Dormitories also ensure that the girls are in an environment conducive to learning and study, where they can concentrate on their education apart from other life stresses.
  • As we have also seen in this report, conflict is a major barrier to girls’ educational attainment. Targeting an area rife with conflict and unrest, or one previously so, can have an immense impact to ensure that education is not interrupted for girls and young women.

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