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Girls Moving Forward (India)

Provide non-formal educational opportunities for girls and young women, including work with girl guides and girl scouts and public speaking

SI Pune Metro East "Girls Moving Forward"

Formal education in India sometimes does not provide practical knowledge or prepare you with life skills. These workshops fill in the gaps in their education, and we also answer several questions that they sometimes cannot ask their mothers . In most cases those who participated are first generation learners. We know that these workshops have met the need in satisfying several areas that the participants were unaware of.

This club in India has been running a series of sessions for young women covering a wide range of non-formal education, to educate, empower, and enable participants.

Some of the subjects were: entrepreneurship, Learning Skills (concentration, time management, environment, SQ4R, T pattern Square for dates); talk on HIV & AIDS, flower making craft by our very own club members, nutrition and cooking (participants particularly enjoyed baking doughnuts!), banking, first aid.

Participants are awarded a certificate upon completion. The sessions conducted helped the girls to be confident and face various challenges of life.

Club: SI Pune Metro East, PFR: 31320, 28773, 25769, 26232, 23705, 19423, 17679, 15856


  • These workshops cover a strikingly wide range of subjects, tailored to meet the needs of the participants. Covering so many skills will ensure that the sessions fill in the gaps left from formal education.
  • The sessions also capitalise on the vast array of professional skills and expertise of the members. There is often a huge pool of talents and skills in clubs which can greatly benefit other women and girls in the community.
  • This project has been running for some time now, continually making improvements and ensuring longevity and community awareness and respect. On-going projects can have a significant community wide impact as more and more individuals either participate in or are made aware of the Soroptimist work.

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