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Gender education in schools: Women, stereotypes and television (Italy)

Provide non-formal educational opportunities for girls and young women, including work with girl guides and girl scouts and public speaking

The project aims to hinder the development of female and masculine stereotypes to prevent sexual violence against women and gender inequalities in schools. A development of equal opportunities for girls and boys can help young people to realize their personal aspirations. This project is supported by parents and teachers, and starts from the conventional vision of woman image given by media and its negative social influence on masculine behaviour.

In the schools, representative of different economic, cultural and social areas of the town, large discussions took place among students of different ages using the DVD and Handbook “Women, stereotypes and television” prepared by the Club of Pavia as aid tools. They also held meetings with active presence of teachers and parents. Tailored questionnaires, prepared by the Club of Bologna, to be filled by students and teachers before and after the development of the project, will allow the club to monitor and evaluate their work.

Club: SI Bologna, PFR: 26268


  • Educating the whole school community – girls, boy, parents, and teachers – ensures that gender stereotypes can be addressed at all levels and by all individuals involved in helping young people to shape views and values.
  • DVDs and accompanying materials are excellent educational tools – fairly easy and inexpensive to create with the right expertise and information.
  • This project recognises that learning environments are highly influenced by things outside of the physical school building, in this case the media.

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