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Find your strength, find your X-Factor (Iceland)

Provide training opportunities specifically for women to take on leadership roles or awareness raising about women in leadership.  Includes lobbying projects.

Find your strength, find your X-Factor project, Iceland.

This project set out to help young women and girls to be more qualified to become leaders in their own lives – to overcome poor self-esteem and lack of confidence in themselves.

The club developed seminars for three of the Colleges in their area.  Work was based on a coaching methodology in which each participant was allowed to discover their own strengths and learn ways to express their strengths of confidence. The aim of the course is to strengthen confidence and identity of girls / women and help them to establish their own vision and to have confidence that they can achieve it through effective goal setting and support from each other.

Positive, now I really know what I want to do in my life”

I feel that the seminar have given me brighter hope to my future and made me stronger”

This has given me stronger identity and a goal for my life”

It has given me a clearer focus me, and how I intend to achieve them, how I want the atmosphere around me and begin to understand what I like and what I want”

Confidence, not as much negativity for the future, not the negative things in life, smile and more alive!”

I find this to be really useful, it’s nice to be able to make my future very clearly”

I have found myself strength and plans for the future, security”

Club: SI of Iceland PFR: 27691


  • Instilling confidence in women at this stage of life is critical.  They are old enough to take control over their lives, but still quite young in life experience.  Targeting this age group for leadership building workshops will have a significant lasting impact.
  • Using a participatory coaching method as this club did is an evidence-based successful intervention style.
  • Who doesn’t want to be involved in a project that helps you find your X-Factor?  Titles are important!


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