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Empowerment of women in Tunisia (Netherlands)

Provide training opportunities specifically for women to take on leadership roles or awareness raising about women in leadership.  Includes lobbying projects.

Women in Tunisia, a country in democratic transition, have a need for support to help them actively participate in the new democracy and thus work towards a more peaceful society in the near future. The Soroptimists of both Tunisian clubs will be able to connect better with the international women’s organizations and SIE in particular.

This project involved training of Soroptimists and other educated women in Empowerment and Leadership, creating a new mind-set for young women, and establishing a coaching and mentoring network for women in countries with changing systems.

Women in Tunisia fear the rule of Islam will diminish their position in the new democracy: the revolution will not bring more democratic freedom but will bring less.

We need more international solidarity. We can see that the network of Soroptimism is strong and is the way to support us.”

Club: SI Wageningen, PFR: 27693

Friendship Links: SI Tunis Fondateur; SI Tunis Ariana; SI Hoorn; SI Amsterdam C/W; SI Leiden; SI Beneden Maas; SI Raalte Sallander; SI Enchede; SI De Bilt-Bilthoven; SI Walcheren; SI Stadskanaal; SI Friesland Zuidwesthoek; SI Bussum 


  • There is no doubt that this is a difficult time for women in the MENA region – with revolution and change comes not only the possibility for positive outcomes but also the very real possibility of regression for women’s rights.  Soroptimists are not afraid to tackle these issues from the inside.
  • This project recognises that women are key players in peace building, and must be educated and empowered to fully participate in creating a new peaceful country.
  • Mentoring across geographic borders is an amazing example of how the global network of Soroptimists can still support each other in a very real, tangible way.


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