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Empowering Girls in Sports (Fiji)

Provide non-formal educational opportunities for girls and young women, including work with girl guides and girl scouts and public speaking

SI Sigatoka (Fiji) - Girls in Sport

SI Sigatoka is trying to develop the skills in young girls which will help in nation building. They are encouraging young girls to participate in extra-curricular activities. These young girls may be the future leaders of the country.

The club donated Sports Uniforms for girls, empowering and motivating them in a positive and leadership-building activity.

The skirts were given to us by another participating club at a region meeting, and the members hand made the tops. The clubs decided to donate the uniforms to a school where they had worked before.

This is very helpful, thank you very much for your kind donation” – Sports teacher

Club: SI Sigatoka, PFR: 26734


  • Supporting girls in sports is a worldwide priority. Sports can not only foster self-esteem and confidence, but it also imparts both team building and leadership skills and physical fitness. Girls are often under-represented in sports and any effort which encourages participation will educate, empower, and enable.
  • The club was resourceful in sourcing the uniforms – working with another club for the skirts and making the tops themselves.
  • Targeting a school with which the club has an on-going relationship is a great way to holistically support girls in need.

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