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Education Project of Adults in Kodjoviakope Education Centre (Lomé,Togo/Luxembourg)

Roll out ‘second chance’ programmes providing basic education for women (i.e. literacy and numeracy skills), including classes for women in prison or in shelters.

Many adults could not go to public primary school because they did not have a birth certificate. SI-Club Lome Aurore organized evening classes to enable these women to learn how to write, to read and to count. The Club helped them also to get a birth certificate and an identity card.

The club financed evening courses (primary level) in Lome, Togo, for adult women who have never had any school instruction. They pay for school books, copybooks, stationary, school desks, scholarships and compensation for teachers, and other associated costs.

Club: SI Lome Aurore, PFR: 25652, 15374


  • Our world functions on documentation, but for many vulnerable women and girls, a lack of documentation creates an overwhelming barrier to accessing education, healthcare, employment, and any number of other critical resources.  In this case, having access to one’s birth certificate is actually a legal obligation based on international human rights law.  Recognising this barrier and assisting these women to obtain the necessary documentation, even if later in life, will have a significant positive impact.
  • Holding classes in the evening makes education much more accessible.  For many women, their daytime duties as carers and domestic providers means that they are only available to improve their own skills and livelihoods in the evenings.
  • The core value of this area of SI work – second chances for adult women – is to help women who did not have access to primary, secondary, or tertiary education at the traditional ages and stages of life.  This project is aimed exactly at those women and provides the basic skills of reading, writing, and maths that they missed earlier in life.


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