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Adult Literacy Programme (Cameroon)

The aim of this project was to train women and girls who had left formal schooling as well as illiterate women.  The project offered skills in reading and writing, and participants earned a national certificate at the end of the course. This club sought to offer basic education at little to no cost in a […]

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Empowering Disadvantaged Women through Education and Leadership Opportunities (Australia)

Women with issues of drug and alcohol abuse need additional support to access education and gain the confidence to move on to employment opportunities. This project provides a supportive environment and counselling while a local school provides additional lecturers. The women need access to assistance with course fees, childcare, computers and stationery as well as […]

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Teacher Registration Assistance (Fiji)

A request came from Save the Children Fiji to assist their Pre-School Teacher Aids in paying for their Teacher Registration with the Ministry of Education. These Teacher Aides are from the disadvantaged communities which have all been affected by the two floods at the beginning of the year. The club decided to assist a female […]

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Principal for a Day (USA)

This club supported three female student teachers in participation of their community visiting school principal program and funded a scholarship for a student teacher to further pursue her own education in teaching. The Soroptimists recognised the lack of opportunities for young women to experience realistic educational opportunities in their personal development as educators, as well […]

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Improving Job Opportunities (USA)

Women convicted of crimes have a difficult time finding employment after being released from prison. Employment increases the chances of a successful transition into the community post-incarceration. In Northeastern Connecticut in the US, women transitioning out of incarceration are further hampered by their rural location. SI Willimantic supported incarcerated women to seek and secure work-release […]

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Revive Social Net (Brazil)

A high number of jobs in Canoas are part-time, temporary and informal jobs. It is particularly difficult for young women to attain work. As a result, they are susceptible to sexual exploitation, drug use, sex trafficking and unwanted pregnancy. To address these issues, SI Canoas provided at-risk women with the opportunity to attend a certification […]

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Hope for Women (Kosovo)

According to this club, “we believe that education and leadership are key in giving every woman the opportunity to acquire new knowledge that can then enable them to become leaders in the homes, communities, and broader.  Education is the key in establishing new initiatives, it addresses the need for women to acquire new skills. The […]

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Weaving Lives (Turkey)

Women and girls from Mardin, a city located in the Southeastern Turkey, attend local courses where they learn weaving carpets. The trainers are employed by the Public Education Center, one of the supporting partners of the project.  After the workshops, the participants begin to produce Hereke carpets and others with special designs. This project is […]

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