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Back to Basics, SI Silay, Philippines

Using education as a tool to improve access to services and criminal justice for victims/survivors
SI Silay with the Talisay Police Force - Back to Basics

SI Silay with the Talisay Police Force

Through their project Back to Basics, SI Silay, Philippines developed a series of gender sensitivity trainings for police officers on the topic of domestic violence and other forms of violence against women. Funds were used to pay for publicity, venue rental and travel and stipends for trainers. Club members created handouts and other training materials, served as assistants during the trainings and facilitated small group discussions with participants at the end of each training day.

The club set out to increase access to educational programs to improve and strengthen family relationships for community police officers and their families and increase the quality of family relationships. Club members measured the success of the objectives by speaking with participants to assess whether participants believed the program to be successful.

Talisay police officers during training

Talisay police officers during training

The program has received so much positive feedback that there is talk of conducting similar educational programs nationwide. Commissioner Connie de Guzman intends to promote the program in other provinces by reaching out to congress representatives and other public officials.

One participant commented:

We are fortunate that a group such as the Soroptimists had taken the initiative to retrain the Talisay Police Force… Domestic abuse is a concern that is taken lightly by the police. After this, I hope that the police will be more gender sensitive.”

SI Silay members were interviewed on television at the “Morning Show” of ABS-CBN in Bacolod. This show is aired across the Western Visayas Region.

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