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Adult Literacy Programme (Cameroon)

Roll out ‘second chance’ programmes providing basic education for women (i.e. literacy and numeracy skills), including classes for women in prison or in shelters.

The aim of this project was to train women and girls who had left formal schooling as well as illiterate women.  The project offered skills in reading and writing, and participants earned a national certificate at the end of the course.

This club sought to offer basic education at little to no cost in a welcoming and safe environment. Education will improve the lives of the participants’ economic empowerment through self-sustaining trading.  It will also possibly serve as a gateway to higher educational opportunities, hence better enablement for themselves, their families, and the whole community.

To achieve these goals, the club facilitated fulltime classes three times a week for primary level skills.  The classes were taught by qualified teachers.  The club is very proud to report that there was a 100% pass at the last national examination.

They also offered non-formal education in sports, sanitation and hygiene, and workshops raising awareness about the importance of women to society.

Now I can read my bible at the women’s church group and I don’t feel inferior any more amongst them, thank you SI.”

Club: SI Bonaberi, PFR: 26620


  • Employing qualified teachers, if appropriate for the level of education the project offers, ensures that the content of the course is fit for purpose and delivered to a quality standard.  This isn’t always necessary, but is important if offering formal education opportunities.
  • Using national standards, certificates, and evaluations ensures that the quality of the education offered is at least as good as, if not better, than state-run schooling.
  • Complementing the formal education with non-formal education specific to women and the community context is a wonderful way to add more value to the classes and improve the lives of the participants in multiple ways.


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