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Impact at a Glance

SI Pune Metro East (India) training project

Global Action

  • 3,727 projects reported using education, empowerment, or enabling opportunities to transform the lives of women and girls.
  • 109,632 women and girls were directly touched by Soroptimist work.
  • 720 projects reached whole communities or towns.
  • $5,743,307 USD was raised to support this work.

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  • Non Formal Education for Girls and Second Chance Programmes for women are the most commonly reported areas of work
  • 248 projects supported women’s shelters, with over 10,000 known beneficiaries
  • Nearly USD $500,000 raised for 90 water projects
  • 260 projects raised community awareness on violence against women and girls
  • Soroptimists are also reporting trends in supporting young mums, women in prison, and working with girl guides and girl scouts
  • Many projects are working to increase girls’ access to books and libraries as well as access to literacy skills
  • 52% of all scholarships target young women pursuing higher education.

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  • 11% of reported projects cross geographic boundaries to reach the women and girls most in need.

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SI Benin seminar on violence against women

Global Voice

Officials of 193 governments  listened to SI’s policy asks and recommendations on 10 different occasions

SI’s UN Representatives participated in 36 meetings focussing on education or leadership. SI submitted 3 written statements to governments outlining key asks on issues facing women and girls.

Soroptimist International publicly launched a position statement on what is referred to as the “Post-2015 Agenda”. As the Millennium Development Goals come to a close, the global community must come together and agree on the next generation of development priorities, goals, and targets. 

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SI hosted two parallel events at the 57th Commission on the Status of Women, showcasing the work done by SI and drawing attention to those issues which are identified as priorities by Soroptimists worldwide.

SI’s oral intervention at CSW had a direct impact on the CSW Agreed Conclusions, where we saw femicide explicitly referenced.  Every Member State country is now expected to bring its national policies into line with the Agreed Conclusions.

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SI’s Enough is Enough campaign on International Women’s Day reached 16,000 individuals through social media channels, with clubs in 15 countries and all 4 Federations participating in actions on the day.

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