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About the Global Impact Report

Welcome to the 2012-2013 Soroptimist International Global Impact Report.  This report compiles all of the Soroptimist activities worldwide that educate, empower, and enable opportunities to increase access to education and leadership for women and girls.  We report on grass-roots driven projects, advocacy and lobbying efforts, and the critical issues on which we raised awareness throughout the year.

A quick guide to each section:

1. Intro & Summary – letters from SI leaders, information about SI and our work, and additional downloadable resources

2. In Focus: Gender-Violence – each year, we focus on a different issue which Soroptimists address using education, empowerment, and enabling opportunities.  This section provides an overview of the issue and a selection of case studies showing how Soroptimist success stories in the area, including club projects, our work at the Commission on the Status of Women, and awareness raising work through the Enough is Enough campaign.

3. Global Impact – this section is broken down into three areas: global action, global voice, and country reports.  Global action reports back on the what, how, and where of Soroptimist work.  Global voice details our successes in international advocacy and awareness raising.  The country reports provide key facts and figures for each Soroptimist country.

4. Projects of Excellence – 38 projects across the 9 key areas of work are showcased as best practice.  Each project is presented with a set of ‘SoroptiTips’ – pointers on why the project was selected and how the practice can be applied to other projects.  This year we also feature five “Programme Directors’ Picks”, including one overall star project.

5. Index – here you can find a list of all subjects, countries, and regions used in the report.  Click on any one to see a list of links to relevant pages.

Quick tips for navigating the site

  • Tags: at the bottom of most pages, you will see a series of “tags”.  These are the same key words that are used in the index.  Click on any one of these to see all the other stories that relate.  Tags also appear on the right hand side – the bigger the tag, the more times it is used in the report.  Click on any of these to see everything related to that topic.
  • Side bar: When you visit a page within a section (apart from the “top-level” pages), a navigation bar will appear on the right hand side.  This shows all pages within your current section. The page you are reading will be shown in bold. Use this to see where you are within the section and navigate around it.
  • When in doubt, come back to this page.  There is a link at the bottom of every page to bring you back here, where you can see the table of contents with links to each section.
  • Search: if you are looking for something specific not mentioned on the index, use the search box at the top right to quickly find what you’re looking for.
  • Still need some guidance?  Don’t hesitate to use this form to contact SIHQ for help!


Ideas on how to use the report

Here are some inspiring ideas from Soroptimists on how they use this report:

“For quotes and statistics in presentations and promotional literature”

“Spreading the word everywhere I go. It is a great document and a wonderful tool for raising awareness. For our members it shows them the impact of what we are doing and encourages them to log their club activities on the database.” (the author wishes to underline that last bit!)

“As a charter member the report is very important in my recruitment activities as I am able to talk about Soroptimist activities with a credible back up!”

“Printing off a couple of pages to show prospective new members”

“One aspect highlighted at a club meeting and discussed for relevance to our projects”

“We have used it as a guideline when preparing our programme for the year 2012-13. Some adjustments to suit local and regional needs have been made.  But it provides a yardstick to understanding the work we do.”

“I used the report to explain about the role of the UN [affiliation]”

“Very important tool of communication within Soroptimist (training seminars, meetings, etc.) and outside to show people, institutions or other NGOs our corporate identity”

“I share it with my colleagues at my place of work”

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