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The Soroptimist Model

The essence of the Soroptimist model is simple: educate women and girls today to create the female leaders of tomorrow.  SI knows how important it is for women and girls to be afforded the opportunity to lead and participate in decision making – at local, national, and international levels.  Soroptimists also know that, in order to get to that place, we need to educate, empower, and enable – the E3 model.

Soroptimist model graphic


Soroptimists educate women and girls by increasing their access to the skills necessary to take on whatever challenge they desire – from basic literacy and numeracy skills or vocational training all the way through to preparation for running in elections.

Soroptimists empower women with confidence and choice, giving them the tools necessary to achieve their fullest potential.

Soroptimists also go beyond the individual woman or girl and work within the wider community to enable opportunities for women and girls to use their skills and confidence as leaders and role models.

Read about Soroptimists connecting local and global.

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